Stuck In Beirut

Saturday, July 28, 2007

One Year Anniversary

On this day last year I posted my last update on our ordeal out of Beirut. Today, I start packing and getting ready to go back on my vacation for the first two weeks in August. My co-workers, neighbors and most of my friends are surprised by this decision. My Lebanese friends are not, they actually support it and wish they could go with me. My family is already there. Planes are booked solid and I actually had difficulty finding a suitable flight. Its the Lebanese spirit on display. Many people are going to Lebanon in spite of the tenuous situation and the tense atmosphere. Some have curtailed their activities, specially at night. Others are still partying like its 1999. All decided to defy logic and to challenge those who want to use Lebanon as a pawn to serve their own interest with little regards to how much harm they are doing. Of course Lebanese will argue forever about who is to blame for what's happening and how to get out of this mess, but they will still unanimously pick Lebanon as the best vacation spot in the world.